Wednesday, March 22, 2017


 In the fall we did a free rugby clinic and Tessa decided she wanted to play! We knew really nothing much about the sport so it has been fun learning along with her.
 The girls turned the table on PopPop... He likes to have the girls come to his "beauty shop" and he will comb their hair and chat with them...well they decided it was his turn!
 SNOW...more of a dusting but it stuck around for a bit!
 These two can have a blast they were pretending to be puppies who happened to play the drums which they used my couch cushions for. 
 Look a snowball!
 He likes things HIS way..
Took the girls to see Cinderella put on by a local High School...well done and a fun outing with my babies
 Mya and cousin Austin at his bday celebration...Mya can get this new 2 year old really laughing

Fun with the Fluckigers

The Fluckigers came to visit their Grandma and Grandpa and we're lucky enough that we got to see them too!  We miss these far away friends and the fun we had living near one another for a time. Next time we hope to meet up somewhere in the middle but I am sure bowling will be involved. 
 bowling seems to be a tradition with us
 These kids keep getting bigger!
 I wish we lived closer, I would to see what shenanigans they would get into together:)..These two would be fun but Tessa and Livi might give us some trouble ;)

 Mya beat me and was very proud!
 The littles were more interested in the computer screen projected on the floor..they had some pretty fun games on it which entertained them for a long while

 The gang minus baby Isaac

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Merry Christmas

 We had sacrament early so we allowed the kids to open Santa's gift and their stockings but had to wait for the other presents. They didn't complain at all and were just thrilled for Christmas! First of course they ran to see what was left of the cookies etc and then went straight for their stockings. We adults loved seeing their faces taking in the magic of Christmas morning! After church PopPop and Gramma made it over to participate in the present opening and Christmas dinner. A lovely Christmas with my babies.
 Doing the new puzzles Nana gave him for Christmas 
Went to see SING with Nana during our Christmas break
 Love having her here for the Holidays 
 Having fun working on her puzzle from Nana

 enjoying his remote control car
 Tessa loves the super hero Lady Bug...
She wanted a choker necklace...apparently they are back in!? She kept hinting at ones she liked she this girl was thrilled to get one 
 Stockings and gifts from Santa. 
blurry but you can tell how excited she was to get one of those
 little brushes with mirror that folds in on itself
 Opening the scooters they got from Gramma and PopPop
 He got a storage container for his mini trains....he had to go right away and start filling it up! He has some openings left over.. "Oh no some missing.. I need to get more trains!"
 Trying out his new scooter...he wasn't so sure about it
 Playing at the park later Christmas day....Mya, Dad and I got into a pretty serious tether ball match ;)
 Snuggling with Nana...he had to be wrapped up just like that
Enjoying his rollercoaster gift from Gramma and PopPop..they all have so much fun with this

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Class parties, Nana arrives and Christmas Eve

Making fun Christmas faces with Nana. Henry picked out exactly which pieces he wanted and placed them in the EXACT spot. 
 How fast can you build a Christmas tree? More to the point how long can it stay up before these cute Kinders knock it down??!
 Ornament toss, third graders are all kinds of goofy 
 Storytime with Mrs.Clause..Henry was really into the marching 
 Tessa and her fabulous teacher. This lady saw me volunteering and even took the girls around a bit at Christmas on the Square so they wouldn't have to wait so long with me. 
 Christmas eve present..nerf for all that evening 
 Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at Maggianos 
 Acting out the Nativity got a bit crazy since the kids kept wanting to switch characters...but I love this picture of little Mary kissing baby Jesus
 Nana arrived in time for me to leave Henry with her for both girls class made it much smoother to attend the festivities. Here Mya is checking out her look & find ornament we made. 
 Cookies for Santa 
 Reindeer...these animals are really so fun
 ok this must be Mya's puzzle face 

 love their faces in this one...Henry really liked pressing in the sprinkles and I think Tessa ate the least amount of frosting she ever has while doing this...progress! 
 A few of us from church took our kids to sing carols and deliver 
Christmas cards to the local old folks home..I was preparing the kids for some of the experiences I have seen at homes, but this one wasn't like that at all!
 My little reindeer 
 cute friends 
 Dustin giving Mya tips...the fireplace became the target and 
Mya decided it was easier if she covered one eye!