Sunday, March 12, 2017

Class parties, Nana arrives and Christmas Eve

Making fun Christmas faces with Nana. Henry picked out exactly which pieces he wanted and placed them in the EXACT spot. 
 How fast can you build a Christmas tree? More to the point how long can it stay up before these cute Kinders knock it down??!
 Ornament toss, third graders are all kinds of goofy 
 Storytime with Mrs.Clause..Henry was really into the marching 
 Tessa and her fabulous teacher. This lady saw me volunteering and even took the girls around a bit at Christmas on the Square so they wouldn't have to wait so long with me. 
 Christmas eve present..nerf for all that evening 
 Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at Maggianos 
 Acting out the Nativity got a bit crazy since the kids kept wanting to switch characters...but I love this picture of little Mary kissing baby Jesus
 Nana arrived in time for me to leave Henry with her for both girls class made it much smoother to attend the festivities. Here Mya is checking out her look & find ornament we made. 
 Cookies for Santa 
 Reindeer...these animals are really so fun
 ok this must be Mya's puzzle face 

 love their faces in this one...Henry really liked pressing in the sprinkles and I think Tessa ate the least amount of frosting she ever has while doing this...progress! 
 A few of us from church took our kids to sing carols and deliver 
Christmas cards to the local old folks home..I was preparing the kids for some of the experiences I have seen at homes, but this one wasn't like that at all!
 My little reindeer 
 cute friends 
 Dustin giving Mya tips...the fireplace became the target and 
Mya decided it was easier if she covered one eye!

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