Wednesday, March 22, 2017


 In the fall we did a free rugby clinic and Tessa decided she wanted to play! We knew really nothing much about the sport so it has been fun learning along with her.
 The girls turned the table on PopPop... He likes to have the girls come to his "beauty shop" and he will comb their hair and chat with them...well they decided it was his turn!
 SNOW...more of a dusting but it stuck around for a bit!
 These two can have a blast they were pretending to be puppies who happened to play the drums which they used my couch cushions for. 
 Look a snowball!
 He likes things HIS way..
Took the girls to see Cinderella put on by a local High School...well done and a fun outing with my babies
 Mya and cousin Austin at his bday celebration...Mya can get this new 2 year old really laughing

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